Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Frugal Genealogist

Are difficult economic times putting a crimp in your genealogy research? Follow along with this new series of posts for tips on how to keep your research moving forward without breaking the bank.

Tip #1: Recorded lectures from major Genealogy Conferences

Summertime is the season for the major genealogy conferences in the U.S. But, by the time travel, hotel accommodations, and meals are added to the conference registration fees, the costs to attend a national conference can total to several hundred dollars or more (not to mention what one is tempted to spend in the exhibit hall!).

But, there are ways to get the educational value from conference sessions at far lower costs! Many of the lectures presented at the major conferences are recorded and offered for sale through JAMB Tapes, Inc. At a cost of about $12 per lecture, it is possible to hear the presentations that you would have attended if there in person, at a significantly lower cost than if you had attended in person. For even greater savings, get together with a group of your genealogist buddies, and agree to pool funds and share the recordings among your group. In addition to cost savings, the recordings offer the additional advantage of allowing you to listen to the session over and over, until you absorb all the important details. Check out the recorded sessions available at JAMB today!

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